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One of the newest online dating, meeting, love match sites to hit the web! This site is your one stop search for friends, lovers, relationships, even marriage.

Why use onlymymatch.com?

  • It is EASY to use.
  • Who can see your profile? Only your matches can see it!
  • Who can send you a message? Only your matches can send messages.
  • You are finding someone that is looking for you.
  • It's 100% FREE to use!

What makes this site different?

"Criteria". Have you ever had a dating site match you with your own criteria? If not, this site does. Sure other sites let you search based on what you want to look for, but that is only one way. What makes you think that the ones you are searching for are searching for you? Chances are they are not, so that is what we did, we took out that chance, and your matches "ARE" searching for you too! Doesn't that make you feel better? If you set up your criteria, no matter how picky, that is what you are going to get. We will take care of the matching after that. Just realize that the more picky you are the less likelly you will find someone but at least you are getting what you want.

Only want to find a farmer who doesn't smoke?

Set your criteria and put farmer for occupation and "no" for smoking. You will only be matched with farmers who don't smoke who are looking for you too.

Only want marriage or long term?

Set your criteria for "Looking for" for "Long term" and "Marriage". You will only match people looking for those as well.

What about something casual?

Set your criteria to "Casual Dating" or "Intimate Encounter". You will only match others looking for that.

Whatever you desire you can find, the only limit is yourself. Want an example? Click here.

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